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Updates on the companion site: tips & tricks

I have unfortunately neglected the companion website to this blog, for reasons not pertinent here. However, I have started to update that site and wanted to let you know.

There's all kinds of lists out there on the Web on how to be productive, creative, innovative,....  I noticed that many of them have very significant overlap.  That, for me, is a design problem: Why are there so many lists?  Why hasn't anyone yet thought to integrate all these lists together into a "best hits" list?

I've found that some items on some lists are better than others on other lists, but that the biggest problem is that there no "encyclopaedic" resource trying to stitch them all together into one authoritative reference on tips and tricks.

Well, I don't know why this is, but I'm started to address this perceived shortcoming by starting a list of my own.

Actually, I expect there to be a couple of lists, because I think there's at least a couple of areas covered by the lists I've seen that don't overlap much.  Being productive, for instance, isn't the same as being creative.

At the moment, there's just one list, and it integrates only two sources (fully referenced, of course) on innovation/creativity.  But that's just because the first two links I yanked from my "list of useful links I haven't got time to deal with yet" were both on innovation.

I must have over 50 such links hiding in "storage," and I keep finding more all the time.  So these lists will grow and become more refined with time.

The first list is on Being Innovative, and you can find it at: https://sites.google.com/site/dofastandwell/project-definition/spreading-ideas.

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