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Putting on your pants two legs at a time

Sometimes, you don't even notice you had a problem till you see the solution.  Thereafter, you can't understand how you could have ever been so blind.

If you wear boxer shorts, you may have had some difficulty in keeping them from bunching up when you pull up your trousers.  It wasn't a problem back in the 1940's because trousers were far roomier than they are these days.

And, if you're like me and getting on in years, your flexibility will start to suffer, and getting one's shorts to un-bunch when one is of a certain age can be a bit of a challenge.

Well, here's the solution.  It's a brilliant designerly way to look at the problem: stuff the boxers into your trousers first.  Without your legs in the way, it's easy to line everything up.  Then you just pull them both on at once.  Presto!  No bunching of the shorts!

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