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Updated iPhone Task Manager Chart

I maintain a comparison chart of iPhone task management apps.  It's not very big yet, but I'm working on it.

I've updated the ratings of all apps currently in the chart.

I've also changed the presentation.  I've also colour-coded the values in the chart, so its easier to get an overall sense how the apps compare.  Red is "bad," yellow is "medium," and green is "good."  This is, of course, all based on my analysis.  Your milage may vary.

I note with interest that Taska seems to be the best, except for the bugs that seem to keep messing it up.  Too bad there hasn't been any activity on that app since Sep 2010.


  1. Hello,

    Your comparison is very interesting and well made. Thank you!

    You may want to look/include the following Apps:

    - GoTasks (sync with Google Tasks, therefore very few features, but the interface is EXTREMELY efficient. I have been using it for month for GTD. I only miss Tags): http://shurakov.name/gotasks

    - Action Lists (good features, interface and sync with Toodledo): http://software.dazeend.org/action_lists/

    - 2Do (seems well designed, although I didn't test it): http://www.2doapp.com/en/2Do/features.html
    Interesting video review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtbBGruqHZc

    Best regards,


  2. Oliver,
    Thanks very much for the post and the suggestions.f
    Believe it or not, I have all 3 of those apps, and they're on my list to review.
    ...if I only had the time... :-)


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