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A great list of lessons

I know I took a shot at Leo Babauta last time, but it's important to remember that everyone makes mistakes.  Maybe I'm wrong; maybe he is.  Whatever.  I can say that there's some things that he and I do agree on.

Leo compiled a great list of "life lessons" that I would encourage everyone to read and adopt as rules to live by.  They distill in words far clearer than anything I've come up with, some ideas that I've had myself but couldn't quite verbalize.

I'd suggest only one modification, to Leo's first lesson about always being willing to apologize.  I don't believe in apologies.  An apology accepted is just permission to make the same mistake again.  And an apology denied is, well, useless.  Don't apologize. Instead, explain that you understand what you did wrong, and that you'll do your best to learn from the mistake.

I would note also that Leo's lessons seem to be good principles to achieve what I call balance. Balance is about finding that sweet-spot in life where you've got what you need, just enough to be good and happy, doing things that matter, with a minimum of stress.

I know what I'm going to do: build Leo's lessons into my own rulebook.

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