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Google Tasks finally gets an API

Google finally announced on 11 May that they've published an API - an application programming interface - for its Google Tasks app.  Gtasks, as it's sometimes known, is a minimalist take on task management that I've written about before.  If you don't need projects, and contexts, and priorities, and stars and fancy stuff like that, you should look at Gtasks.  There are gtask apps for every kind of mobile device I can think of, and it links to Gmail and to Gcal.

An API is a standard way for programs to access other programs.  So for all of those people who write, say, iPhone apps that interact with web services, APIs are absolutely essential.

Gtasks has been around for a while now, and by far the most requested feature for the app was an API.  Since it was a long time coming, several programmers managed to figure out how to get their apps to talk to gtasks on their own - thankless task at the best of times.

Those days are, thankfully, over.

I predict there'll be a flurry of activity, especially in the mobile app world, as extant and new task management apps are written to take advantage of the new gtasks API, followed by a flurry of new products and apps to help us get things done fast and well.

I will keep an eye out for developments and post them here as quickly as I can.

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