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Put Things Off: Another AutoFocus-y iPhone App

AutoFocus (AF) is a task management method developed by Mark Forster.  It is ludicrously simple, as opposed to far more complex (some might say byzantine) methods like GTD.  AF was conceived of as a pen-and-paper way to manage your work, but that doesn't stop people from coming up with apps for it.

A nice little app that implements something very close to AF is Put Things Off.  It's key feature is that if you can't do something anytime soon, you just tap the right icon and it gets pushed into the future.  There's an app setting that let's you set how far into the future things will be put off.  It's main problem, as I see it, is a somewhat cheesy look and feel.

I wrote a more detailed review of it some time ago (before this blog existed), and include some screenshots.  If you're interested in AF-style iPhone apps, then you might want to read that post.

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