11 April 2015

Please see my new blog

I'm integrating all my blogs into one giant one.

See http://filsalustri.blogspot.ca/ and select the PRODUCTIVITY heading.  All the posts that are here are now also there.

This blog will remain alive but inactive, at least for a time.

The winds of change are blowing

I have four blogs; this being one of them.  That's a problem, because (a) I can only post to them at 1/4 the speed I post overall, and (b) it's hard keeping track of them sometimes.  So I've started integrating them all into one single blog.  This will take some time.

I won't delete this blog, but I will post the new URL here when the conversion is done.  Thereafter, this blog will remain but be dormant.

21 February 2015

Toodledo beats Doit.im for now

I’ve been using Toodledo for years now as my task management app.  Recently, I had a “crisis of faith” that made me go rooting around inside a number of other task management apps ranging from Any.Do to IQTELL.  I ended up trying to us Doit.im for a while, but I just couldn’t find a way to make it work for me.

07 February 2015

How I’m using priorities in my Toodledo hotlist

Toodledo’s flexibility lets me use priorities in a pretty interesting way.  Here's how I use them.

01 February 2015

A scree (or manifesto) about Google integration

Hey, Google!  Why haven’t you integrated your basic user tools yet?

Seriously, considering how helpful this would be, and considering Google already has all the necessary pieces and an abundance of resources, why hasn’t it been done?

I’m not going to answer that here - though I can dream that Google will, in a comment to this post.  I am, however, going to explain why I think the question needs to be asked.