10 August 2014

Notebooks of famous people

Well, actually, famous men.  Sorry, but the site where I found this is about "manliness." [Insert rolling eyes here]

I think that most of what's on that site is just macho bullshit, but there's no escaping the interest in learning a bit about some famous men lived, by means of their notebooks.

See The Pocket Notebooks of 20 Famous Men.

I note with a teeny bit of satisfaction that I tend to do as Darwin did, and write from the spine out - at right angles to convention - because it's both easier and gets the rings of my binders out of the way.

19 May 2014

Sabbatical planning II

Today I test-drove the system I've developed to help manage my work for my sabbatical (see here for an overview).  I quickly discovered that I need to tweak how I list tasks by context to make the system workable.  Fortunately, Toodledo can handle it.

18 May 2014

Planning my sabbatical schedule

I've got a year-long sabbatical coming up, and I needed some flexible yet systematic way to make sure that I'll spread my time reasonably among many different projects.  Here's what I came up with.

18 April 2014

The Joy of Post-Its

Arthur Fry and Spencer Silver have saved the world.  No, really. They invented post-it notes - they deserve a Nobel Prize... each.  Post-its are, in my humble opinion, the greatest invention since duct tape and certainly the greatest invention ever for productivity wonks like me.

17 April 2014

This is too much for me...

...but it might be just right for you.

I recently came across a very detailed post by Amanda, at Paper Pens Ink, that carefully describes her planning system.

I can appreciate it, but I wouldn't use it.  I wouldn't use it because I couldn't possibly keep such a complex system working for long.  That doesn't make it a bad system; that just makes it the wrong system for me.

Of course, I recognize that (to the substantial relief of most people) not everyone is like me.  So, I'm mentioning it here, because it might be good for you.  If you're looking for a far-reaching, meticulously crafted planning system that stretches from dreams and goals all the way down to "next actions," then you should seriously consider Amanda's system.